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When I was appointed as a California Probate Referee in September of 1966, I began to realize that the bureaucrats no longer made the rules for my appraisals. There still are standards and rules about ethics, but a much shorter report will be sufficient. Generally the clients would know more about the property and its neighborhood than I can tell them in my report.

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Trusts and Estates

When I was first appointed as a Probate Referee, I didn't know a lot about the roll of a California Probate Referee. (We are Officers of the Court, charged with appraising all the non-cash assets of Probate Estates, Guardianship Estates, or Conservatorship Estates and Small Estate Petitions in our County.) I was fortunate enough to be able to take a class at Saint Mary's College in Moraga: Federal Estate Tax and Probate Law. I also became a member of the Estate Planning Council of Diablo Valley, and an Associate Member of the Contra Costa Estate and Trust Section of the Bar. Probate code section 16247 specifically allows Probate Referees to provide values in trust matters which are necessary for purposes of distribution, sale of assets, tax filings or general trust valuations. I am now in my fifth, four year appointment as a Probate Referee. For over twenty years I have been specializing in Trust and Estate Appraisals.

Fractional Interest Discounts

Like Trust and Estate Appraising, I have been studying and performing Fractional Interest Discount appraising for over twenty years. I keep myself current on the most recent Tax Court opinions. This was a new field to me after I quit Bank and Savings and Loan Work. Now I am an expert in it.

General Appraisal Services

I no longer work for banks or savings and loans. I do Legal Work and Direct Lender and some Right of Way assignments. Primarily my work is Trust and or Estate Appraising.